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Aged Care Advice

Life has a way of throwing challenges at us all, and being confronted suddenly with the need to make a decision about Aged Care for someone you love, can be emotional and overwhelming. Despite not knowing where to start, you may be under pressure to seek a solution quickly, which makes the process even more difficult and daunting, and you may worry about making the best choices for your family, your loved one and your finances.

Your initial exploration into the Australian Government’s Aged Care system will show that it is complex - and depending on your unique situation, finding out what your options are can be less than straight-forward. It takes time to read through and understand available information, and even if you have a clear idea about your financial position, you may miss out on valuable insights from a professional which could mean long term benefits for your loved one and less financial outlay for you.


You want your loved one to receive the best possible care! With the right advice you can achieve peace of mind knowing the best possible arrangements have been made for your loved one, and the best financial outcome possible has been achieved, allowing you to plan for the future with confidence.


We can guide you through the decision making process providing tailored advice for you and your family. We take the time to thoroughly understand your position, find out and work with what is most important to you, and apply strategic strength to your plan. Our sensitive approach means we consider the needs of all parties involved to ensure the pathway into Aged Care for yourself or your loved one is as easy as possible.


The HID group can provide you with a complete suite of services including:

  • Specialised Aged Care expertise to explain the range
    of options available and how the Aged Care system works


  • Tailored financial advice based on a thorough understanding
    of your financial position


  • Local industry contacts including Healthcare Professionals,
    Aged Care Assessors, Home and Community
    Care Services (HACC) and Care Facilities.


  • Providing a central reference point for you during
    the planning and decision making process, available
    to answer any questions you may come across


  • Ongoing financial planning and advice including
    cash flow, pension and superannuation advice


  • Estate and Succession planning, including
    Power of Attorney

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