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Self Managed Super Funds

A Self Managed Superannuation Fund is a family wealth vehicle with specific regulations that allows you and your family to grow your wealth for retirement and transfer this wealth to the next generation.


A Self Managed Superannuation Fund is more than a place to build your retirement wealth. It is a:


  • Tax effective investment vehicle

  • Key wealth protection tool for the family

  • Strategic business assets for business owners, and

  • Importantly an effective retirement vehicle to build the family wealth and transfer this wealth to family members over the generations.

There are many facets within a Self Managed Superannuation Fund that we consider, depending on your situation:


  • Structure the ownership for security of your superannuation assets and easier management

  • Building assets that suit you

  • Borrowing to expand your asset base in a responsible manner

  • Funding of borrowings to help you build your asset base

  • Planning to allow your loved ones receive the assets you want them to receive from your estate

  • Investments that make you feel comfortable

  • Insurance to bridge any shortfalls for your beneficiaries protection

  • Portfolio administration services to make it easier for you to manage your affairs

  • Taxation planning so you keep more of your earnings after tax

Our Investment advice also considers our  Financial Planning Allocation Framework 

We provide the complete management of all self managed superannuation fund compliance & administration.

Briefly, a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is a private superannuation fund. A SMSF is one:

  • with fewer than five members

  • where each trustee (or director of the trustee company) is a member

  • where no member is an employee of another (or associated person), unless they are a relative of a member

  • in which no trustee receives any remuneration for any services performed in relation to the fund


A Self-Managed Super Fund allows you to manage your own superannuation under the rules and regulations set out by the ATO. HID Financial Services can provide you with advice in relation to whether or not a Self-Managed Super Fund is appropriate/beneficial for you at any stage of your life.

Our administration service handles all aspects of SMSF compliance and administration including:

Preparation of Annual Financial Statements

  • Preparation & Lodgement (if required) of Income Tax Returns

  • Preparation of Business and / or Instalment Activity Statements (as required)

  • Processing of paperwork relating to contributions, benefits, pension and insurance payments

  • Trust Deed Maintenance & SMSF Constitutions

  • Members' Statements & other relevant minutes & forms

  • Assistance with external Audit of Fund (as required)



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